George asks…

What size chainsaw blade do I need?

I want to buy a chainsaw to chop up some trees in my yard for firewood. The trees are already down they just need to be cut. Any recommendations on a good (inexpensive) chainsaw that does a nice job cutting, and the best size blade that is needed?

landscapeliving answers:

It really depends on the size of the trees being cut. You don't want to purchase a saw that is undersized and underpowered. However, you don't need professional grade forestry model either. A 24 inch blade is your basic middle of the road size of blade; 18 inch blades are good for general maintanance projects around large acreages but fall a little bit short when it comes to cutting firewood.

As for manufactures, Poulan and Husqavrna(CQ?) are good quality manufactures; though I personally choose a Husky over a Poulan any day of the week. Husky's are real durable chainsaws with good power.

Helen asks…

What kind/size chainsaw do I need to cut about 10 cords of dead trees down?

My husband and I will be getting a license this summer to cut dead trees down in the mountains for firewood. We don't have a chainsaw nor do I know what brand or size to get to do the job. It needs to be durable, but not too heavy and we can't afford a fortune. I have read the brand name Stihl and know it's been around for years. I don't know what sizes to look for. Anyone with knowledge and experience, please share. Thank you!!

landscapeliving answers:

Stihl is a good brand. I personnally feel the best of chainsaw are the Husqvarna's.
Between my two brothers, my dad and I we have 6 of them.
The easiest to get is the 350 and its a good price. It will cut almost anything you'd ever need for casual. A 455 is another but its heavier although it will cut through larger logs easier and faster (saving the back ) . The Xp's are serious machines but really more on the proffesional scale. I have a 240 which is pretty small for cutting tree's of any size (say over 8-10" in diameter) but is light and easy to handle all day long. Generally we employ two. We fell and cut butt logs with the larger saws then limb and cut firewood size pieces with the smaller saws as this takes the most time.

Ken asks…

what size chain do i need for my puolan wild thing 2175?

i purchased on at a pawn shop and it did not come with any manual i want to put a new chain on it but dont know what size to get . i went to home depot and they have chainsaw chains but like a hundred different sizes.

landscapeliving answers:

Home Depot does sell several different chains. The way to find out which one you need is to count the links. The number of links correspond to the chain you need. For instance, if you have 47 links then you will need to select a Y47 chain.

Charles asks…

How do you know what type of chain size goes on a chainsaw?

I have a Poulan "WildThing" chainsaw and it has an 18 inch bar. Do I just have to buy an 18 inch chain to fit it, or is there something else I need to look into. My manual does not say anything1

landscapeliving answers:

Best bet is to take it to a dealer or repair shop.They will be able to tell you the proper size to get.

Susan asks…

What kind of Stihl chainsaw should I buy?

I have a lot of trees that I need to cut down around my house and when I get my camp I'm sure I'll have a lot more. So I need a chainsaw that can handle all of this with no problem. When I'm shopping for something I like to buy "the best" once and then have it for many years to come. This is why I want a Stihl. The problem is I don't know which model to get. I was doing some research and the Farm Boss seemed pretty nice but I don't know what size bar to get. I don't think I would need a 20" bar but my buddy told me to buy one with a bigger bar then put a smaller bar on it for more power. What do yinz think I should do?

landscapeliving answers:

It depends on what size trees you intend felling. Small to medium size trees with a girth up to 1.5ft in diameter are manageable with a Stihl Ms260 and 16" bar. I've had mine for four years, no problems operating it, easy enough to service at home if you take the time to figure out the service manual.

I run a Tree Surgery business in Ireland and up until very recently I've had little need for a larger saw. I recently bought an Ms660 with a 25" bar to take on bigger specimens up to 3.5ft in diameter.

If you're unfamiliar with safe chainsaw operation be sure to attend a training course in safety and use.

Feel free to mail me if you want more info,


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